Mar 2

The Surprise



I still remember a 80yo college professor I met at the Tomkat theatre in West Hollywood in my early 20's. He had a thin build which for his cock and balls size made it enormous. While upstairs in the theatre restroom, he stood next to me whipped it out then looked at me and smiled. I was like "Damn", I hadn't seen a uncut cock that size before. It was half hard and I can see a bit of precum at the tip and with more encouragement it would have began dripping. We hit it off right from the start, he later gave me his number to contact him for a later meeting.

First encounters with older uncut cock is always special ;-)

[@pghpitguy] I couldnt believe how thick his cock was for such a thin man. Event with briefs on his bulge would still show when he had pants on. It had to have been at least 9 inches and the base was as thick as a beer can.

6 days ago

I love sucking uncut cock...cut ones too!

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